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Human-Centered Automation and Responsible A.I. at the center of Cyber Resilience

In today's hyper-connected digital landscape, organizations of all sizes must consistently deliver peak performance within an ever-evolving digital ecosystem. This environment is increasingly fraught with pervasive cyber threats spanning the entire value chain.

As a consequence, business leaders find themselves increasingly preoccupied with the imperative to safeguard their organizations against disruptive threats to business continuity. These encompass a wide spectrum, including cyberattacks, financial misconduct, operational disruptions, supply chain disruptions, shifting market dynamics, artificial intelligence advancements, and swiftly evolving regulations with hefty penalties for non-compliance.



The traditional approach of accumulating a vast array of (often fragmented)  cybersecurity software tools and services to combat these challenges diverts valuable time and resources away from building adaptable, cohesive, cyber security strategies and enterprise-wide capabilities. These capacities are essential to ensuring the stability of critical applications and business services, enabling swift recovery from disruptive events and minimizing the risk of non-compliance.


Our Approach

Built on a human-centered automation approach, SemanticRisk unlocks data at scale to create unique AI risk models, enabling high performance risk analysis and benchmark scoring based on widely-accepted industry standards. It offers a powerful range of data-driven responsive products designed to complement existing cybersecurity solutions, and seamlessly integrate with existing business processes, people, policies, and data assets. 

These transformative products are accompanied by our unique SemanticRisk Cyber Resilience Framework (SCRF) which blends adaptive operational risk strategies, security-first design principles and industry benchmarks that drive sustainable innovation in the face of uncertainty. 



Outstanding AI Model Performance

Deploying rapid experimentation techniques, and leveraging a diverse range of large data sets, the NetraScale team is actively advancing cyber resilience solutions built on state-of-the-art technologies, including Large Language Models (LLMs), Semantic Reasoning, National Language Processing, (NLP), in addition to Blockchain, Quantum Technologies, and Advanced Data Analytics.

This enables us to continuously explore innovation possibilities and create exceptional value to our customers.

As an example, it took us just 15 minutes to train our custom SR RiskAct LLM model, compared to 1-2 hours with comparable GPUs, thus a 92% decrease in training time. Only ~1% of the parameters in our model were updated, yet we received the results of training an entire 250 million plus parameter model. This represents massive savings in computational and energy resources, and illustrates the potential of our custom models for analyzing wide ranging operational risks requiring vast data sets such as cyber security threats,   RegTech, climate risk, environmental impacts, ICT, financial market infrastructure, and other key use cases.



Products Under Development

In a world where many organizations grapple with mounting cyber attack vectors, growing technical debt, and rapidly-changing regulatory requirements, coupled with the increasing complexity of inter-connected digital supply chains, we understand the operational and technical challenges involved in introducing new solutions into the ecosystem.

We also understand the intersection between sophisticated cyber security attacks, insider threats, and the massive risk posed by financial crime syndicates harvesting masses amounts of data and valuable intellectual property.

By conducting rigorous market research, applying our extensive experience working for highly regulated institutions, and partnering with top research entities, we have designed a unique set of data-driven, cyber threat detection, risk mitigation, and RegTech solutions. Once deployed, these products will offer transformative advantages that help organizations strengthen cyber resilience capabilities and comply effectively with the evolving regulatory landscape.




SemanticRisk Experiential Workshop Series

To learn more about how we are helping organizations strengthen operational resilience and risk management across the digital value chain, register for our SemanticRisk Experiential workshop series featuring cyber resilience industry executives and showcasing our SR cyber resilience frameworks, high performance AI models, and decentralized ledger technology solutions.

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