Executive Summary

A Global Problem

There is simply no way getting round the fact that implementing a robust cyber security strategy and plan of action in today's digital age is a long-term endeavour requiring private/public sector collaboration, deep and broad cyber expertise, enterprise-wide scope, significant expenditure, and continuous improvement. 

The hyper-interconnectivity that underpins today's financial services sector highlights the challenge of trying to secure a complex, mission-critical digital  infrastructure, given the disruption happening across the global financial market and evolving regulatory landscape. Take the challenge of innovation across the antiquated global payments clearing and settlement ecosystem which is clearly articulated by the Bank of London leadership team below:


Even some of the most robust and advanced cyber security frameworks such as NIST focus 80% on identification, protection, and detection, and only 20% on an organization’s ability to respond to and recover from a breach.

These gaps in cyber resilience mean that many organizations are ill-equipped to handle the barrage of cyber threats, vulnerabilities and attacks that are gaining in sophistication and frequency. Take the AI threat which is grabbing all the headlines - while we are seeing a seismic positive impact on almost every industry driven by advances in AI, it is not the traditional linear and continuous evolution we have seen with previous disruptive trends. And while the potential benefits of AI are immense, so are the potential cyber risks to the digital enterprise. The impact of AI is exponential with step functions on a scale that is truly game-changing.

This does not align with the long-term strategies and slow pace of progress when the tech sector as a whole is moving at a rapid pace, even outpacing Moores Law.

SemanticRisk builds AI and blockchain driven solutions that are proactive, providing advance notice of complex risk vectors using our proprietary arsenal of  diverse data sets, proprietary machine learning models, human-centered automation principles, and fintech industry insights curated over 20 years.


Market Positioning

We innovate for industry-wide cyber resilience and sustainable value creation. NetraScale has long been making a quiet but valuable impact in the finance, ecommerce, digital payments, insurance, government, cyber security, and regulatory sectors through international consulting work with blue chip organizations, tactical partnerships and thought leadership.

In the past decade, we have worked on some of the most prominent compliance-based technologies, ensuring data privacy and security are always ahead of what hackers can decode. Our consulting practice helped deliver critical infrastructure and digital platforms used in finance, real-time payments, and compliance today. The natural progression was to build our own future-proofed technologies. These are in the form of our platforms Semantic Risk, NetraChain, NetraLabs, as well as cutting-edge research projects such as NetraBank.



Building a Defensible Unique Value Proposition

SemanticRisk offers an event-driven, intuitive and adaptable AI enabled SaaS platform for real-time risk detection and control. But we have also been creating a compelling unique value proposition over the years through trust, authenticity and a disruptive mindset that is breaking conventional thinking on cyber risk:
  • We model the changing cyber threat landscape using custom-built semantic reasoning AI models, decentralized ledgers and contextual analytics dashboards.
  • As operational resilience, cyber security and financial crime regulations evolve, we will harmonize key data points and provide adaptable observability, risk controls and compliance solutions built on our human-centered automation foundational design.
  • We plan to organize Beta Programs prior to each product release by tapping into organic business and hi-tech networks. This includes the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) where vendor innovation is welcomed, regulatory bodies such as Canadian RegTech Association, and our AI-Blockchain-RPA-Quantum Computing tech meetup network spanning New York, Toronto and London.
  • Our CEO, Denis Nwanshi, continues to carve out market opportunities and forge trusted partnerships for our Beta Program through research, executive and technical level engagement, and thought leadership, as illustrated by the panel discussions and podcasts events below:
  • Complement or enhance existing cyber security investments with frictionless product architectures
  • Offer compelling pricing (SR is SaaS but we have other competitively revenue channels such as APIs, consulting services etc.)
  • Work with our Beta Program members to assess the cost of reducing risk across the value chain by certain benchmark, versus the rising cost of transferring cyber security risk to insurance providers cyber risk no longer insurable.
  • Many industry experts believe that social engineering attacks will get much more sophisticated and harder to detect with conventional solutions that span today's enterprise. This creates opportunities for introducing our adaptable, low-friction, AI-powered features that focus on mitigating social engineering risks by focusing on people, processes, technology and the  organization 


Digital Ecosystem

The Semantic Risk platform utilizes proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms and blockchain technologies to build frictionless guardrails that help ensure your vital software and data assets can be kept safe for users and from any harm that could be done. NetraLabs, allows corporations and academic institutions to come together to work on thematic sandboxes, challenge conventional thinking and build cutting-edge applications in a safe, secure, and collaborative environment

As the next generation R&D platform, NetraLabs will be used by some of the largest companies in the world to connect with their future experts. NetraBank is a security-first open banking experiment that’s making waves in fintech and academic circles. As Open Banking, climate finance, CBDC experimentation, Zero Trust security frameworks, and operational compliance gain in popularity for consumers, businesses, and regulators in today's rapidly digital economy, NetraBank rethinks a future of secure, resilient and customer-focused digital banking by automating credit decisions in an ethical manner, and adapting to fight financial fraud.

NetraBank innovation will enable new forms of financial inclusion for underserved communities.



Growing Thought Leadership

To elevate thinking on all of these platforms, we have created a members-only technology forum called NetraChain. Here experts and next generation thinkers can come together to learn, discuss, and help design the future of cyber resilience and innovation. From all of these entities, NetraScale is committed to working with governments, top-level banks, and industry leaders in finance, healthcare, insurance, agriculture and more to combat bad actors and strengthen cyber resilience for decades to come.

Although we are pre-revenue, we have verifiable interest in our SemanticRisk from fintechs, incumbent banks, re-insurance firms, regulatory bodies and other firms in the UK, Canada and the US.


Our NetraChain and NetraLabs have also excited numerous SMBs, business associations, chambers of commerce, academia, universities, in addition to thousands of individuals following NetraScale on meetup.com, LinkedIn, and other professional forums and social media platforms.